Yap Cheng Hai Academy Feng Shui Courses outline.

Practitioners' Course

Module 1 : Elementary Course

Every student wishing to learn the art of Feng Shui should always start from here. The Elementary Course will make you understand and master the fundamentals and concepts of authentic classical Feng Shui.

  • Understanding Classical Feng Shui
  • The Ba Gua
  • The 5 Transformations of Qi (5 Elements)
  • He Tu
  • Luo Shu
  • Systems of Feng Shui – 4 Main Classical Schools
External Forms
  • Quality of Qi
  • Quality of Qi from Environment
  • 4 Heavenly Animals
  • General Forms of the Environment
Ba Zhai
  • Introduction to Ba Zhai Feng Shui
  • Application of Ba Zhai
  • 24 Mountains Ba Zhai
  • Basic Water Placement
Le Facteur Temps
  • Why is Time Element important
  • Ba Zhai Timing Influences
  • Annual Timing Influences : an Introduction

Module 2 : Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Module is for future Feng Shui practitioners a step further in the understanding and application of Classical Feng Shui.

We will learn the principles of San He and San Yuan as well as the Mountain & Dragon Formation Theory. We’ll also introduce another major school of Feng Shui called Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars) and show how two different systems of Feng Shui can be implemented at the same time.

San He
  • San He principles
Killing Forces
  • San He Killing Forces
  • San Yuan Killing Forces
San He Combination Formulas
  • San He Door Facing and Incoming Road Formulas
  • San He Dragon Formulas
  • San He Annual Timing Influences in detail
San Yuan
  • San Yuan Principals
  • Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars)
  • San Yuan Annual Timing Influences in detail

Module 3 : Advanced Course

You will learn to implement the heaven aspects of Feng Shui, determined by the flow of water. We introduce another school of Feng Shui,Xuan Kong Da Gua.

San He Combination Formulas
  • San He Door Facing and Incoming Road Formulas
  • San He Dragon Formulas
  • San He Annual Timing Influences in detail
San Yuan Water Formations
  • San Yuan Water Formations
  • Dragon Gate 8 Water Formation
  • Dragon Gate 8 Advanced Water Formation
San He Water Formations

Tang Lang Nine Star Water Methodology

Xuan Gong Da Gua Formulas

Xuan Gong Da Gua - an Introductione

Module 4 : Practical Graduate Course

Students who wish to become professional Feng Shui practitioners can be certified by the Yap Cheng Hai Academy. To earn this prestigious certification around the world, students must complete all four modules of the YCH Feng Shui Learning Programme – Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Practical Graduate Courses. The Practical Graduate Course is only open to those who have successfully passed the qualifying mark of the earlier three courses.

  • The Practical Graduate Course is a live-in course that runs over eight days, it comprises practical and theoretical studies – a good mix of classroom lessons and onsite visits.
  • Yin Zhai Course, or the Feng Shui for graveyards
  • Selection of timing Course :
    the right time to start work when renovating ;
    when moving into a new house or office ;
    when moving furniture ; etc.

Students will be evaluated based on the reports and analysis they hand in. Students who excel in this course will be given the title of Practitioner of Feng Shui, Yap Cheng Hai Academy.