Practitioners' Course

Module 1 : Elementary Course

Every student wishing to learn the art of Feng Shui should start from here. The Elementary course will make you understand and master the fundamentals and concepts of authentic classical Feng Shui.

  • Understanding Classical Feng Shui
  • The Ba Gua
  • The 5 Transformations of Qi (5 Elements)
  • He Tu
  • Luo Shu
  • Systems of Feng Shui – 4 Main Classical Schools
External Forms
  • Quality of Qi
  • Quality of Qi from Environment
  • 4 Heavenly Animals
  • General Forms of the Environment
Ba Zhai
  • Introduction to Ba Zhai Feng Shui
  • Application of Ba Zhai
  • 24 Mountains Ba Zhai
  • Basic Water Placement
Le Facteur Temps
  • Why is Time Element important
  • Ba Zhai Timing Influences
  • Annual Timing Influences : an Introduction

Date commence
6 April 2016 (4 days)
Florence RICAUD
18 April 2016 (4 days)
Florence RICAUD

Fees : 1200 euros. Enrolment is to be accompanied by a minimum deposit of 30 % of the total Elementary course fee.

An Early Bird Discount of 10 % is allowed only if registration, accompanied with full payment, is received one month before the course : 1080 euros.

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Florence RICAUD
Florence Ricaud
Maître en Feng Shui

Représentante en France et instructrice accréditée pour la Yap Cheng Hai Academy

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